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There was a time when I was a prolific blogger.  During the years when I was piecing together life post A.C. and during the years I was longing for my fourth child, I blogged regularly.  It was my way to release things and my way to share what was going on in me.  Time passed, things changed (LOTS of things changed) and that blog didn’t feel so much like me anymore.

So, I started a new blog.  But that blog and I never really clicked.  I wasn’t diligent about it anymore.  I kind of apathetically let it go.

And then my life took off with a breakneck speed.  Changes, transitions and major life events came barreling towards me.  Since January of 2008, I have gotten divorced, my last name has changed twice, I’ve started a new job, gotten remarried, gotten pregnant, moved to a new house and to a new/old city.   My children have grown and changed, my life has taken a new shape.  I even have a different dog.

There are some things that remain the same.  One of those things is my love for writing.  It’s a muscle that has grown atrophied with disuse but this blog will part of its rehab.

Another thing is the faithfulness of God.  Through all I’ve walked through the past two years, He has remained faithful and steadfast, constant and sure.  He has restored to me deficits I didn’t know I had and given me good things over and over again.  Things that seemed like curses have been transformed into blessing.  I want to proclaim those things.  I want to share the goodness of God.

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