So, What’s In a Name?

I love names.  I love the history behind names, I love hearing what names people have chosen for their children.  I love learning their meanings and I especially love hearing old classics used on brand new babies.  I love names.  I am, in fact, a name nerd.

That said, I am way overthinking the name for our new baby.  I love my kids’ names.  (Yes, Aubrey, even yours!)  Because each of their names have a story.  And, considering how young I was when the first three were born, they’re lucky to have such good names.   I had to make sure that baby Cinco was getting as good of a name as his or her siblings.

I began obsessing about the name when I found out I was pregnant.  (Okay, maybe a little before.)  The girl name came very easily.  Claire.  It means LIGHT!  I love it and her middle name is fraught with meaning, but I can’t tell it to you here.  It’s a big surprise and will be revealed either as, “The baby is a boy, but if he’d been a girl, here’s what her name would have been.”  Or, “It’s a girl and her name is Claire Surprise Middle Name.”  You only have to wait until June 4th.

A name for a boy just did not come.  I loved names my cousins had already used, names like Isaac, Owen, Henry…but I didn’t want two cousins that would be playing together to have the same names.

I heard from the Lord about it when I was five weeks.  I’d come in to the prayer room to sing in a prayer room set and my friend Jeremy Manders prayed over the baby, praying that the child would know the Lord.

That prayer stuck with me as I went in to my set and I began to ponder it in my heart.  I felt the assurance of the Lord that this baby would know Him and speak up for Him and seek Him.  It was a good, good moment and in my heart I heard, “Joel.”

I came home and looked up “Joel”.  It means “Yahweh is God” and what other message would I want my son to stand for?  Joel, however, would never work as a first name, because of his oldest sister who’s name is Julia and who often goes by Jules.  I wrote it down and remembered that meaning and began to search in earnest for a boy name that might go with Joel, or with another name that had the same meaning.

I searched and I searched and I searched.  I asked my facebook friends, I asked my other internet communities, I asked my family members.  John and I despaired over Isaac, Owen and Henry and their unusability.  We considered Graham, William, Liam, Evan, Callum and Colin.  Nothing clicked.  Nothing.

Then, one day, I saw Sherry Miles’ grandson Elijah.  I thought, now that’s a good name.  And do you want to know what it means?  It means, “Yahweh is God.”  There’s my meaning that I wanted.  Bingo.  Click.  It fell into place.

So, if we have a son, his name will be Elijah Stuart.  I can stop agonizing and researching and digging for something new.

And, as I told John, if we want a sixth child and Cinco turns out to have been a boy, we’ll have to adopt a daughter.  There’s no way we can come up with another boy’s name!

One thought on “So, What’s In a Name?

  1. I am a name nerd also. Since I will not be having any more children, I spend time naming other people’s children and trying not to be disappointed when they don’t name them what I come up with (might be a little hard since I seldom tell them my suggestions)
    It is amazing to me how a name can just not work in my mind until I see that precious baby and the name suddenly fits. That happened with both my granddaughters, their names fit them beautifully – Cheyenne Mae and Bridget Marie.
    I do love the name Elijah Stuart and I’m not just saying that either 🙂 I am pretty sure it is GOD inspired!

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