Money Saving Madness

John and I have become obsessed with excited about couponing lately.  We have our giant binder, we buy several copies of the Sunday paper.  We organize coupons and make our list at  We’ve had some pretty good deals so far.  John got about twenty cans of Rotel tomatoes for .11 per can!  We’ve got enough Rotel to make Chicken spaghetti twenty times!

Because we’re excited about saving money, we assume everyone must be.  So here are our latest big couponing events.

This was a big one.  Scrubbing Bubbles in a power spraying thingy.  Usually sells for $7.99.  It was on sale at Food Lion for $5.99.  I had two coupons for $5.00 off each.  Also, the refills that come with it usually sell for around $4.99.  They were on sale for $2.99.   If you bought three of them, you got a $3.00 off coupon on your next shopping order.  Also, I had two  $1.00 off coupons for the refills.  I got to the checkout lane and the lady took all of my coupons and then she peeled $2.00 off coupons from the necks of the cleaner bottles.  She scanned them both.  The computer took one, but rejected the other.  So, for five items that combined should have cost $30.95, I actually paid $3.95.  And I’ve got bathroom cleaner that should last around six months.

Today I tried my hand at CVS coupon shopping.  The goal at CVS is to buy things that are on sale, with a coupon and earn ECBs at the same time.  ECBs are basically free money.  Free money that can only be used at CVS, but we spend a lot of money there so it works for us.  Here’s the breakdown for today.

2 bags of Hershey’s Kisses at $2.50 each – $1.00 coupon- $1.00 of ECBs.  Final price:  $1.50 each.

Garnier Haircolor (two for Aubrey and one for me) at $7.00 each- $5.00 in coupons- $10.00 in ECBs.  Final price:  $2.00 each

Revlon Eyeshadow at $6.99- $1.00 coupon – $4.00 ECBs.  Final price: $1.99

Maybelline Lipstick, eye shadow and mascara at $21.97 for all three- $5.00 in coupons- $5.00 in ECBs.  Final price:  $11.97

2 pack of Oral-B toothbrushes at $4.99- $1.00 coupon- $2.00 in ECBs.  Final price:  $1.99

Old Spice Deodorant at $3.99 each- $1.00 coupon – $2.00 in ECBs.  Final price:  $2.49 each.

2 bottles of Tums at $6.00- $1.00 coupon – $1.00 in ECBs.  Final price: $2.00 each

Clairol Nice and Easy at $7.99- $2.00 coupon – $1.00 in ECBs.  Final price: $4.99

Robitussin and Omeprazole at $16.88 – $5.00 in ECBs.  Final price: $11.88

Reese’s Puffs cereal at 3 for $10.00- $1.00 coupon- $4.00 in ECBs.  Final price: $1.66 each

4 Colgate toothpaste B1G1 free- $5.18- $4.00 coupons.  Final price:  .30 cents per tube

Stride gum at 99 cents- 99 cents in ECBs.  Final price $0

So, $114.97 worth of products – $24.00 in coupons – $35.99 in ECBs = $51.98

This works.  I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it.  We’ve been working at it for the past few weeks, have not spent our grocery budget yet, have not gone without things we need and have stockpiled so much stuff.  The idea is that you buy things when they are at the best price, with a coupon, and stock up on what you need for the next twelve weeks.  We’ve set up some shelves in the garage for the things that we’re stockpiling.  It’ll be interested to see in three months what happens to our budget.  I’ll keep you posted.

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