Summer, Summer!

I can’t wait for summer break!  I love having everyone at home in the summer.  John and I have so much fun hanging out together.  It’s nice when the school year is over and we can both focus on our family and making memories.  It’s one of the best things about being married to a teacher.  Actually, it’s totally the best thing about being married to a teacher.  Even if he gets summer school, it’s short and he’ll be home early.  Can’t wait!

I love having the kids home.  We make big breakfasts and homemade pizza and baked goods like crazy.  We go to Bluebird Gap Farm, the zoo, Busch Gardens, the beach!  This summer will be different than past years, of course.  Chase lives in Poquoson with his dad.  He will certainly hang out and do fun stuff with us, but instead of dragging him out of the bed by his ankles, I’ll have to go pick him up!  And then there’s Julia…she’s all grown up now and is going to the monastery to begin her internship.  She won’t have the freedom to goof off with us all summer.

So, it’ll be different, but it’ll be fun.  Here is a list of our summer plans:

1.  Outer Banks at least for one week and probably for two

2.  Busch Gardens weekly with the Lunas/Cullisons.

3.  Camping

4.  Bluebird Gap Farm

5.  The zoo

6.  Yorktown Beach

7.  Hanging out with friends

8.  Water Country, maybe?

9.  Aunt Debbie’s pool

10.  Lots and lots of pancakes

I’m counting down the days!

Sidenote:  Lila’s preschool graduation is this morning.  Julia’s high school graduation is in a few weeks.  Be prepared for a lengthy blog about the subject of my eldest daughter’s graduation.

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