Riding the Wave

This past week, we went to the Wave Church’s leadership conference “The Cause”.  Darlene Zsech was there!  It was truly excellent and I wanted to just take a second to share  some of the things I’ve learned from it.

The people who taught us were Ed Young, Benny Perez and Kevin Gerald.  So, any of this cool stuff that I learned came from those three guys.

1. I learned about temptations faced by leadership.  Here are a few examples:  Pride– Did you know that you can even have pride in your humility?  Priorities– look at your list of priorities and your list of commitments.  How do they compare?  Process– being focused on procedures, processes and structures instead of on the ends.

2.  There is a difference between collaborators and volunteers.  Collaboration means to cooperate willingly for a project with a comrade OR with an enemy.  Collaboration is about the project, not the person.  (This came from Wave Church’s children’s leader.)

3.  You can not earn what only grace can give.  Only grace can give you the strength, fortitude and passion to do a hard thing.  You can’t earn the ability or the gumption.

4.  The enemy will attack the hand that is feeding the fire.  If you are part of kingdom work, the enemy will try to force you to withdraw your hand.

5.  Lead in spite of what happens to us not because of what happens to us.

6.  Changing what’s happening on your inside will change what is happening on the outside.

7.  Honor up, honor down, honor all around.  Every person is worthy of honor.  Every single one, because of Jesus and his work on the cross.  Honor= to value someone.  Dishonor= to treat someone as though they are common.

8.  Ask yourself this question.  Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus?  I want to be a follower.

9.  You inherit God’s promises through perseverance.

10.  Stop trying to TELL God what the end result will be.

11.  When problems arise:
a.  Your faith should not falter because of a problem.
b.  The presence of Jesus does not PREVENT problems.  (This was illustrated in John
2, when Jesus was at the wedding and they ran out of wine.)
c.  The presence of Jesus is the SOURCE for the provision.  His presence began the
process of a miracle in that story.
d.  Sometimes God will ask you to do something ridiculous to see the miraculous.

12.  God always saves the best for last.  This was also illustrated in the story of the wedding.  When he turned that water to wine, it was said that it was the best wine.

13.  For a miracle to happen you need Jesus’s presence first, obedience second and then faith third.

14.  Every church has a culture, whether by design or default.

15.  Honoring others is unconditional.  We must honor others whether others honor us or not.  We have to be unoffendable.  We give honor, period.  We focus on honoring others.  We must honor with no strings attached.

16.  Be positive.  Communicate positively, react positively, correct positively.  This may be the biggest challenge for me!