Christmas Crafts

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This year I had lots of fun (mostly) making different things for Christmas.

It all started because we’re on a strict budget and I discovered Pinterest.  I found some awesome ideas of things I could make for less than the cost of real store-bought gifts.

The first thing I discovered was a hat and poncho set for American Girl Dolls.  Eden and Addy both have these dolls.  I thought I might make three of them, one for each doll.  That didn’t happen, but I did make a poncho, two hats and a scarf.  I forgot to take a picture but looks like Eden and Addy liked them, I saw them on Facebook.

The next thing I discovered were yarn wreaths.  These things came out so well and were actually pretty easy.  You just take a straw wreath, wrap it in yarn and then make felt flowers.  Aside from the hot glue gun burns, these were fun to make and I was pleased with the end result.

And then there were the “family trees”.  This idea I actually swiped from Josh and Katie’s wedding.  John sketched them out, then Julia, John and I each painted one and I wrote all the names on them.  I love each one.  One for Nana Vicki, one for Mom and one for Paw. I was over my head a bit- John has an art degree, Julia is an excellent artist and I’m a crafter.  It was my first painting and it was more like coloring because John drew it and I just painted.  Julia had to do my leaves.  We had a great time painting on December 23rd until 1am!

The last craft I did for this year was my owls!  These are the cutest little things ever.  I just drew a pattern on a piece of card stock, got some fat quarter fabric, some felt and some buttons and voila!  Cute little owl pillows.  Every kid I gave one too just loved them…with the possible exception of Chase.  But maybe he’ll save it and give it to his own kid one day.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. I think you did an awesome job and I love your crafts. My wreath is awesome, and I love my tree painting so much. I just can’t figure out the best place to hang it, but I am working on it. You did an amazing job on all of those owls, and you made a bunch of them. I especially like the babies. Now we have to get you a sewing machine to use.

  2. Our gifts from ChaCha are some of our favorites! I absolutely love the handmade crafts–so much more love put in than a gift card!

    Love the pictures too–what talent you have!

    (You forgot to mention the birdhouses, Christmas trees, ornaments, etc that you did with my boys!)

    Oh, and I so want one of those trees. I LOVE it.

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