Carpe Kairos (

Carpe Kairos (

Today began quite a bit earlier than I’d planned. At 6:30, a small voice was making a loud noise in the next room. I let her grumble for a few minutes, knowing that she really needed to sleep until 8:00 or so, but she was done sleeping.
When I went to pick her up, groggy and chilly in the early morning dimness, she held her little arms up and snuggled close. This baby is not a snuggler, she is far too busy for that. When she actually gives a hug, we take it gratefully because they are few and far between.
In my room, she settles in beside me in my bed, breaking a long bent rule I have about not having children in my bed.
John said something like that, “I’m sorry you have to be up so early.” And I just thought, yes, more sleep would be nice but this snuggly, wriggling toddler is nice too.
How long before she doesn’t need cuddles and kisses early in the morning? How long before she actually starts sleeping well? I am told it can happen at any time.
I took in the moment. The smell of her auburn hair…like baby shampoo and basically everything she ate last night. The warmth of her little cheek. Her fat little hand pressed to my cheek. The sound of her voice when she said, “Mama.”
Five kids in, I know how fast it all goes by. I know how fleeting these moments are.
And in fact, the moment was over and this little girl was ready to take on a day filled with Bob the Tomato and getting in trouble for going up the stairs and terrifying the whole household with her scary face.
As I hauled my stiff, achy joints down the stairs to make a waffle and fire up Netflix (The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything), I thought of Glennon and the Momastery and a post she made some time ago about not seizing the whole day, but seizing the moments.
This was a moment worth seizing…and a moment worth being a little sleepy for.

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