I Look Up To The Sky and Say…

Today’s early morning baby wake up call opened our eyes to pink and orange skies over the Roanoke Sound. My heart sang “I look up to the sky and say, ‘You’re beautiful'”.
There is something glorious in how all the earth testifies to his glory. He paints these colors on the sky, just because He can. He leaves us these little gifts, like mimosa trees or sunflowers or flame orange clouds.
Later today, we will go to the ocean and listen to His majesty in the waves, see His beauty in the clouds and feel his creativity in the sands and shells.
Our whole purpose this weekend is to rest and regroup. To study the Word, to spend time, to be present with each other and with the family that’s with us here, to recharge.
This weekend, I will pause and feel His goodness, take a second, breathe deep. I am stepping out. Like I’ve been stepping out for days and days now. Stepping into His goodness in the land of the living.

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