This is the Body

Community:  a unified body of individuals

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Lila has preschool.  I pick her up at 12:30.  She bounds out of her classroom with blonde hair flying smiling big.  Seconds after our reunion hug, she’ll say, “Who is at our house?”

She always wants to know.  Who do we get to see today?

At four and a half, she understands the importance of community.  And she loves her community.

Tonight, we went to our new community group at our new church for the second time.  We are digging in at Waters Edge.  We are all in.

It was good.  I’m anxious to see what’s next on our horizon.  This season of pruning and change has been painful and beautiful all at once.

We drive home, chatting about this and chatting about that and my mind is on community.  I am still thinking about community as I come into the house and thank Aubrey for caring for little sisters and a crazy dog in our absence.

I’ve said this before and I say it again now…we are rich in community.

Our family is a big, beautiful community.  We are blessed on both sides- parents that love us, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins…family.  We know about unconditional love and support and grace.  We know because our families show us unconditional love and support and grace every day.  We are not alone.

We have friends.  Friends on both sides of the water, friends from our old church, friends from the neighborhood.  This weekend, we gathered with three different groups of friends.  Old friends on Friday night, friends to laugh with, remember with and laugh with some more.  Friends on Saturday to play cards with while kids run wild and happy.  Friends on Sunday, friends to eat with and pray with and tell and hear stories with.  All of these friends…iron sharpening iron.

And now we have a new community.  A new community of believers to do life with, to love Jesus with, to be the bride with.  We will be the body with this new community.  We have jumped in with both feet and we are all in.

We are not alone.  We are never alone because God designed us to know and be known.  He has given us each other.  He has given us each other to love well, to serve, to sharpen.  We must be the body and love each other well.  That means putting ourselves out there.  That means going the extra mile for each other.  That means that we meet the needs of other first and ourselves last.  We practice JOY.

Jesus First
Others Second
Yourself Last

Oh Lord, let me be one who loves well.  One who does community well.  One who serves others.

Jesus, make me more like you.

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