Leap Day

The thing about time is that you can’t get it back.

All those minutes, hours I spend on Facebook are gone for good.  All those days I postponed this thing or that thing will not come back around.  Every single minute that I did not live thankful?  Those minutes are wasted, gone.

Today is Leap Day and it’s a day that only comes around every four years.  It’s a big deal, because it’s a special day, it’s unusual.  I tried to think of some cool thing we could do today and nothing came to mind.  I thought I might let it go, but my inner me said, it’s LEAP DAY!  It only comes around once every four years.

Then I realized.  Every single day only comes around once.  Tomorrow is March 1, 2012.  Its the only March 1, 2012 there is ever going to be.  There won’t be another day.  Every single day is something special and unique.  Every single day only comes around once.  Ever.

So…how will I spend these days?

Last night I dreamed about my grandmother.  She is Paw…the only true Proverbs 31 woman I’ve ever seen…a woman who has loved and served Jesus with all her heart, mind, soul and strength.  She has loved sacrificially, she has lived thankful, she has praised Him no matter what.  She has suffered with Parkinson’s for around nineteen years and it’s reached the point that the Parkinson’s is winning.

When she goes into the arms of Jesus…oh how we will mourn.  There’s just no one like her.

I woke up from the dream because there was a small face next to bed saying, “I dreamed I stepped on a nail and I’m going to keep on dreaming that unless you let me sleep in here.”

I laid awake, staring at the ceiling, listening to deep, sleepy breathing.

I feel conviction.

I’ve wasted time with my Paw.  There are so many days that I would love to get back.  Days when I’ve thought, “I want to go see Paw.” but I didn’t go for whatever reason.  The regret slices deep into my heart and I mourn those days when I could’ve gone and heard her stories, hugged her tight and just been with her.  And it’s not too late, I can (and will) go and see her and sit with her.  But I weep for those days that I’ve lost now that the days left are so few.

How can we give every day it’s due?  These days come and they are the only one like them.  How can we honor the One who gives us these days?  How best to live?


1. Honor. Give respect and value to those in your path. The ones you love and the ones you don’t love. The ones you see every day and the ones cutting you off in traffic. Honor.
2. Forgive. Forgive anyone you have an offense with and ask them to forgive you. Forgiveness goes so much further and is so much more beneficial than bitterness.
3. Selfless living. Put others first. The very best way to get your needs met and to love well is to put others ahead of yourself.
4. Live thankful. Start the joy dare. List your blessings. Say Thank You to Him every day for every little thing.
5. Believe Him. He is not a man that He should lie. He speaks truth and truth only. He will do all that He says He will do.

And…go hug your grandmother today. I’m going to go and see mine.

5 thoughts on “Leap Day

  1. This brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the time I lost with my granny. I still expect to see her sitting in the porch when I pull up and she’s not there any longer. Hug aunt betty for me as it will be another sad day for our family when she is welcomed into heaven

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