God is good! All the time!

There are a lot of things that Christians just say.

Well, it was a season in my life…

The Lord works in mysterious ways…

God really put it on my heart…

He won’t give you more than you can handle.

God is good…all the time!

All the time….God is good!

I am really in the flesh right now…

I’m going into my prayer closet…

He really changed my heart…

I have to crucify my flesh…

We kind of have our own language in a way because there are some things that the world just doesn’t have an equivalent for.  They are strong truths, they are good but sometimes they make me giggle because Christians over use them.

There’s one thing we say that I think we need to really hear ourselves say.

What the enemy means for evil, God will turn around and use for good.

People have said this to me many times in my life.  It was said to me during the separation and divorce.  It was said to me during that hurricane/sick sister/loss of a friend time.  It was said to me yes, even in the midst of my miscarriage.  These were words that did not always help to hear.  Sometimes saying “it’s God’s will” or “God will use this for good” just hurts a lot.  In the midst of pain, those strong truths don’t fortify, they kind of increase the desperation and the sorrow.

Why can’t we see the power in those words when we are hurting?

Most of the time, I can receive it and know that it is true.

Today, I am standing on it.  And it’s not any one thing.   But for whatever reason, this verse is just reverberating within me today.

What the enemy (the enemy who is always prowling around seeking to kill, steal and destroy) means for evil, God (who is always prowling around looking for someone to save) will turn it around and use it for good.

The enemy has a plan for my life.

God has a plan for my life.

I am thinking about this today as I pray for my niece.  She struggles hard with anxiety and some mornings are harder than others.  Yesterday, I went to help my sister with a particularly rough morning.  I love my niece.  I hate to see her struggle with this, especially at only eight.  I understand my niece, because I deal with the same issue…I’m just old enough to not have a tantrum about it.  God has a plan for her life…He has a big plan for her life.  She is the daughter of godly parents, the heritage of Christ goes back through the grandparents and great grandparents and maybe even great grandparents.  God is going to use her and I know this…but she is too young yet to fully understand that He is able and He is with her.  This anxiety is a trial that God will turn around and use for good.  I just know it, though that’s a hard thing to see and say right now.  The words feel insubstantial as they come out of my mouth…so much power in that sentence but it’s so hard to see in our limited eyesight.

I am thinking of this sentence as I pray for a friend who is just smack in the midst of a season of Big Life Stuff.  She is doing some really hard things but she so wants to bless the Lord.  She doubts her ability to do it, but I know she can!  And God knows that she can.  She is doing hard things and living her life right and God loves her and is with her and is for her.  God will use this Big Life Stuff, these hard things for good.  He will.  I know He will.  But again…that seems like small comfort.  Words, just words.

I have a proposal to make, readers.  When our friends are dealing with Big Life Stuff- loss, heart ache, death, trials looming large…let’s don’t say, “God is in control.”  Let’s don’t say, “God will work all things together for good.”  Let’s don’t say, “But God is good…” with a wagging finger.  “All the time.”  Let’s just say, “I am sorry you’re going through this.  I love you.  I’m here.”  Or just stand with the hurting person.  We don’t have to say anything.  People who are hurting just need people to be present with them and to love them.

But let’s pray like this, “God, your word says that You are in control. I know that You see the whole of this Big Life Stuff and that you have a plan to work it out for our good. I know that You are good and I ask You to show your goodness to my person.”   We use those good things, those strong truths in prayer.  We pray God’s words back to His heart while we comfort the ones we love.

They are strong truths.  Let’s use them where there power will count the most.

Can you share a time where what someone said hurt or helped in a time of trial?

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