Little Memories

All is said and done and the funeral is over. The bustling is over, the crisis has passed.

In my typical fashion now that all of that is out of the way, I have begun to really grieve.  Dreams at night, waking with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, tears throughout the day.  It’s okay. Grieving is part of life and we must grieve the things we’ve loved and lost.

Little memories have come out of nowhere and they mostly make me smile.

1. Dippity doo- this is what Paw used for her hair for as long as I can remember.

2. One time, Paw let us crazy kids put up a Christmas tree in July. As we were putting up ornaments, I noticed a fat, fluffy rat “toy” in the bottom of the box that had been stored outside. It wasn’t a toy. The house was on the water, and it was a river rat.

3. Chocolate milk and chocolate frosted doughnuts. Timothy (a cousin) and I spent the night with her sometimes and she always let us sleep in her bed and in the morning, we would have chocolate milk and chocolate frosted doughnuts. One time, she let us eat them at night…in her bed…while we listened to cassette tapes of Jimmy Swaggart and she told us all about Jesus.

4. Endless hours on blankets and in lawn chairs out in the backyard at Paradise Point Road. We grew up there and so did our children and they will continue to. Running wild, crabbing, falling in the creek, canoeing, getting into trouble. Some of my happiest hours in life- childhood, adolescence, adulthood have been spent under those trees, looking out at the creek, surrounded by people I love.
5. Tang! Paw always kept Tang for the kids to drink. The Tang never tasted the same at home because Paw had well water which gave it a different sort of flavor.

I have a million more but that’s all for now…time to ready kids for preschool and try and get some laundry done and just go back to normal life.

Cousins of mine, aunts and uncles of mine, would you share your memories of our childhood too? I would love to hear about the little things you remember!

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