I’m sick with the stomach flu today and am way behind on blogging. I read this blog this afternoon with tears pouring down. Oh how wonderful and mysterious the cross, how deep the Father’s Love. Listen to this song and read the commentary he posted below the video. Let it be your Easter anthem. This is one of our family’s favorite songs.


With Easter almost upon us, I’ve decided to re-post this line by line commentary on Death In His Grave that I wrote about about a year ago.  I hope you all enjoy it / re-enjoy it. 



“Death in his grave” is loosely inspired by Steve Turners Poem “The Morning That Death Was Killed” and the folk song “Jesse James”.  “Jesse James” was originally recorded in 1924 by Bascom Lamar Lunsford but later versions by Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan sometimes included Judas in place of Robert Ford and Jesus as Jesse James.

Here is an excerpt of the Jesus / Judas version:

Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand
His followers true and brave
One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot
Has laid Jesus Christ in His Grave

I liked the idea of writing a similar song about Jesus and Death.  I felt strongly that I wanted…

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