For Mothers Growing Weary

Mothers everywhere know that some mothering days are rough.

Some mothering days mean little more than exhaustion, tedium and the pouring out of ourselves until we are empty.  Some mothering days are more snotty noses and temper tantrums and dirty diapers and spilled milk than anything else.  Some days we ask…we ask Him, we ask ourselves, we ask our young ones…”Does any of this really add up to anything?”

Sometimes, a lot of what we do doesn’t feel very much like making our mark on the world.

Sometimes, we just want to pee by ourselves…shower by ourselves…have a bite of lunch without sharing.  Sometimes, we go around so sleep deprived we don’t notice that our shirt is on backwards or remember that we haven’t showered since Tuesday or even care that the baby is pulling all the books of the bookshelf.  Again.  Sometimes we are wearied and we wonder…is this amounting to anything?  Does any of this really matter?

Because it’s easy to see our purpose when our young ones shine.  It’s easy to see our purpose when we read them a story about Jesus and we see understanding in their eyes.  It’s easy to see our purpose when the day is going right.

But it doesn’t always go right, does it?  Some days are downright exhausting.

Today, I am recovering from the stomach bug that just tore through my circle of friends.  It hit me HARD and I was two days down and miserable.  Today, I am better…eating a little, smiling a little, getting back to normal a little.  This morning, I felt a bit frayed and a bit fragile.  Still exhausted and weak and then small faces appeared in my room as I was trying to get dressed.  Small daughters full of questions and full of needs.  Today is just Wednesday as far as they are concerned.  Not the first day Mom was on her own after being ill. Just Wednesday.  Claire needed nose wipes and breakfast.  Lila needed the answer to all of life’s questions.  And breakfast.  And to watch me get dressed.  “You should put some make up on, Mommy.”  She suggested and I declined.

And I think about all of this from my unique perspective as a mother of five- one a young adult, two in their teen years, a preschooler and a toddler.  I can see the end.  I can see an end to the nose wiping and hiney wiping and tears and spilled chocolate pudding.  I can see what’s on the other side of this journey.

And I want to say to all of my fellow mothers on the journey- yes, it all amounts to something.  Yes, it matters.  Every single little thing you do to serve these ones you’ve been entrusted with matters.  Every tear you wipe away, every cry you answer, every spill you clean up, every time-out you administer, every story you read…all of it.  All of it matters.

On the good days when you’ve got it all together and you love every minute of little kid-dom, it matters.  On the crappy days when you’ve had it up to here…it matters.

Because one day, you will have had a hand in raising a human being and helping them find their place in the kingdom.  You will not always do it right, sometimes you won’t even do it well, sometimes you will want to quit…but what you are doing matters.

Because one day, you will see your child become their own person…an adult with her own ideas and her own style.  You will see them stand up and be counted.  You will feel the pride of having done your job well…in spite of it all.

This weekend, my daughter joined Bound4Life ministries and did a silent siege in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC.  She stood and prayed for those with no voices.  She warred for what she believed in.

And even for those who don’t agree with her…can you not at least concede that she is courageous?  That she is true to herself?  That she is standing up for what she believes in?

She came home from this event full of stories and excitement.  She was pleased to have served the Lord in this way and I counted it as joy because she is doing what He’s called her to do.  Her life of prayer and service…her mission of intercession…she’s a world changer.

It matters, friends.

And while I can’t take credit for all that she is- (she has more than one parent, for one thing)  and I’ve made mistakes and done things poorly and all of that…Lord, I’m proud of her.  She is living life according to His purpose and I think that’s beautiful.

There is so much joy in the journey.  Yes, there is drudgery too…but so much joy.

Click here for one last image.From the Washington Post

You bet it matters.

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