Easter Highlights and a Grown Up Son

Easter is about Jesus and Jesus is about love so here are some things that I especially loved about Easter yesterday.

1.  Serving in Wee World at Waters Edge Church yesterday.  It was really fun to volunteer with my sister in the four year old class at the first service.

2. Attending the service at 11am. It was really incredible and my heart was stirred. Watch it here- and you might even recognize a certain blogger in the video that’s shown near the beginning.
Watch WEC Easter here

3. My little family’s Easter fun. We did an Easter egg hunt in the house and the kids all got baskets FULL of chocolate. (Claire’s was less full than everyone else’s.)

4. Spending time with my big, big family. How I love them!

Claire and Uncle David, who looks suspiciously like Pappy

All the kids in attendance!

Chase and His Nonnie- he's the one who gave her that name!Aubrey and Julia

My loves

Sweet Sisters

I got to shake the tambourine- in honor of Paw

Parade time!

Hunting for eggs

5. Then it was time for Bible study, which is a blessing every week. This week, we were at the end of Matthew 6. After our study, we watched the Passion of the Christ and wept and all did the ugly cry. What a reminder of what Easter really is all about. Grace, grace, mercy, and love.

Bible Study Friends- Chase was there, but asleep!

All in all, it was one of the most blessed Easters I’ve ever had. I went to bed feeling so full…Jesus, my family, my friends, our home, His grace and love…my cup overfloweth.

And then, another one of my favorite things about Easter time- Chase’s fifteenth birthday is today.
He is a treasure, my only son and the only person like him in the whole world. I love his friendliness, his way with little kids, his compassionate heart. I expect great things from him- he’s a world changer.


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