Go, go, go!

This weekend, Jeremiah said to me, “Wow, you guys really just go nonstop, don’t you?”

And he is right.

We do go nonstop.  And as I sank into my best and most favorite and most raggedy chair for Bible study last night, I felt the busyness of the weekend in every joint and muscle.  I reviewed our crazy weekend and realized I would not have given up a thing.

Yes, we do go nonstop but it’s because our life is so bursting with blessing and relationship that we have to go nonstop in order not to squeeze it all in.

Friday night…

Busch Gardens with Michelle and Mia, Luke and Sam, Bethany, Philip and Eden and Addy.  My family too, all but Julia and Deanna.

We had a grand time. Kids got along great, it wasn’t hot, the park was mostly empty.

Saturday, we had the big birthday bash, celebrating my sister and my daughter. They are birthday buddies- Lila’s the 27th and Bethany’s the 28th. The weather was not great but that didn’t stop us.

Sunday, we went to the movies with Meema and Aunties Edna, Nancy and Debbie and all of the cousins. We saw The Pirates, Band of Misfits. Kids had a blast. We ate an enormous amount of popcorn!

After that, I had a quick visit with John and one of our Bible study friends. Went to serve the children in Kid Kraze at 4:30 then did church with so many of my loved ones at 6:00pm. I love worshipping with those guys.

We continued in that vein at home, where we ate some crazy hot vegetarian chili and had Bible study.

This was an easy weekend to count gifts in.  This was an easy weekend to feel blessed and favored.

This weekend was bursting with good gifts.

So, I don’t think we’ll be slowing down anytime soon.



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