Mother’s Day Resolutions

Well, of course I am going to blog about Mother’s Day.

Mine was beautiful!  Saturday, I went to a luncheon with three of my girls- Deanna, Aubrey and Lila.  Sunday, I awoke to a clean house (thanks, girls!), cards, flowers and the sweetest, most beautiful letters I’ve ever read.  I’ve got a locket coming to me that’s full of beautiful birthstones of my wonderful loves.  It was all good and my cup ran over and over and over.

I smiled as I counted my sweet blessings, as I wrote down the things I was thankful for this Mother’s Day weekend.

349. Looking at old scrapbooks with the girls
350. Chase’s funny card
351. The letters from Julia and Aubrey
352. The luncheon at the Circuit
360. Perfect Mother’s Day weather
362. Burgers on the grill
363. Kids running and playing in the same yard I ran and played in as a child

I thought about how blessed I am to have such a great extended family, to be able to spend time with them…laughing and chasing kids and eating all sorts of good things…I thought about how blessed I am.  How good my life is, how full of good gifts it is.  How wonderful my children are.

I decided that instead of New Year’s Resolutions…I would make Mother’s Day Resolutions.  Because I always want to be learning how to love them better.  So here goes:
1. I will give them my full attention when they need it. I will put down my iPhone, my laptop, my crocheting, my book, my whatever and give them both eyes, both ears, my whole heart and my whole mind.  I will not think to myself or say aloud, “But I need to get my blog written…” or “I need to edit these pictures” or “But I’m on Facebook…” when they climb into my lap.
2. We will hurry less. Less “Hurry up! We’re late!” and less “Get your shoes on already!” and less “Are you coming or not?!” and more setting everyone up to succeed in getting out the door sooner. Maybe we’ll go a little bit less and maybe we’ll build in a bit more time to get ready…but I want to hurry less.  I definitely want to fuss about running late less.
3. I will stop and thank the Lord for the moments we spend together. I won’t try and rush through…I will be glad to read “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” for the twentieth time. And I will be glad to play peek-a-boo all the live-long day. And I will listen to that story about Minecraft or about Kombucha or about the Korean community or about play practice and I will really hear them. I will. Because these are my most cherished people and I want to treat them as such.  The people I live with are interesting and bright and lovely…I will listen fully.
4. I will thank the Lord every day for them. There are a lot of women with empty arms who would trade places with those of us who complain that it’s so hard and so much work. There are a lot of women who long for even one child and there are a lot of women who long for health and wholeness for their children. How can we stop thanking Him for these gifts?  I know it’s hard some days.  Yes, I know.  But I also know its a gift every day.
5. I will keep perspective. I will fix my eyes on the One who gave me these precious people and I will bear in mind that it literally zips by. My first Mother’s Day was in 1993, when Julia was nine months old and now she is on the verge of twenty. It flew. I mean it. It really did.  I will keep perspective and give the job it’s due.  This is a privilege.  Mothering them…it’s a privilege.
6. I will NOT be a part of the Mommy wars. I will not compare my mothering to any other mother’s, nor will I compare hers to mine. I will encourage moms to be the best they can be and I will encourage them by pointing out their successes and the wonders of their young. I will encourage moms to love well, to be present, to be consistent and to appreciate their little people. I will enourage moms to say thank you. I will acknowledge and validate those days that are not our favorite, but I will encourage more. We are our own worst enemies, women…we go after each other with our claws exposed every time someone’s choice is different than our own. But there are very few things in the world of childrearing that are black and white and for which there is only one good answer. We must encourage each other.

What we’re doing, Moms…It’s important.

What are your Mother’s Day resolutions?

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