A Good Samaritan, Indeed

I just don’t believe you ever meet anyone by accident.

Some years ago, (ten, eleven, twelve?) I met a family who had eight children.  You know how I get such a kick out of large families…but did you also know how loudly my heart beats for adoption?  This particular family has two daughters that were adopted from India.  I loved them instantly.

We struck up a friendship and we got to know each other.

They told me all about the orphanage their daughters came from in India and the service of the man, Peter Subbaiah who was the founder and pastor of the Good Samaritan Orphan Home.

At this time, this family full of wonderful teens and their mom and dad and I were all involved with a coffeehouse called “Shadrach’s”.  It was decided (and the details are fuzzy) that a benefit concert would be put on to try and raise enough money for Peter to build a well for his orphanage.  A much needed thing.

All went well and enough was raised and the well was built.

And a few years went by.

I had the opportunity to meet Brother Peter in 2006 when he took a trip to America.

It was a happy meeting and I can tell you that Brother Peter is about the work of the Lord.

He doesn’t have the support of a big mission base like World Vision or Heifer International.  He relies fully on donors like you and I and every single penny is so important.

At the Good Samaritan orphanage, they tend to both widows and orphans, just like the Word says we are to do.  (And the Word says it so often.)

These are people who have no one and nothing but through the support of donors like us, there is hope for them.  Our meager $20-30 provides food, shelter, education for the children, medications for the elderly and a better quality of life.  It also allows us to do the work of Him to whom we owe it all.

I’ve recently been introduced to the concept of first world problems and third world problems.
First World Problem: Slow wi-fi
Third World Problem: No clean water

First World Problem: Which pair of shoes do I buy or do I buy them both?
Third World Problem: No shoes and no hope of buying any…ever

First World Problem: Long lines at Starbucks
Third World Problem: Starving babies

First World Problem: Bad Traffic
Third World Problem: Orphaned children with no one to care for them

It’s so easy for me to forget about poverty, about women and orphans who have no one and nothing…It’s so easy for me to forget that sometimes teenage girls must turn to the sex trades to stay alive. It’s so easy for that to seem separate and unreal.  Unrelatable.

Until you meet someone who has two hands and a whole heart in the midst of pulling people up out of the mire of starvation, poor health, dirty water and no hope.

Until you meet someone who takes the Word of God so seriously that he has devoted his life, since 1979 to care for the widow and the orphan.

But sometimes a few years go by and the urgency fades. When I met Peter in 2006, my heart was stirred for his ministry…and I have dutifully sent $20 here and $25 dollars there. But I forgot how desperate his flock is. I forgot how much these widows need sponsorship, how much these young girls and boys need help. I didn’t keep it fresh in my mind.

And then this morning…as I’m walking over to the prayer room, who walks directly into my path? Brother Peter. We spoke and we hugged and we prayed together and traded contact information. He said he almost didn’t recognize me since “now you are fat” and I laughed because, well, it is true.

I told him that we’d recently been blessed with a bit of excess in funds and that after prayer, we’d decided to donate a portion to his orphan home. He reminded me of the well and then he said this…”Madame Chris, now, we can use that money to dig that well even deeper.

To dig deeper the well that began my relationship with Peter and with the Good Samaritan Home.

To dig deeper the well of clean flowing water, to dig deeper the well of Hope and New Life.

There are no accidents.

Brother Peter’s eyes were filled with tears as he thanked the Lord for me and I said no, thank the Lord for Peter who is the hands and feet of Jesus for his flock.  Who has served the Lord in a way I have not.

We shook hands, we hugged again and I scurried off to the prayer room to sing to the King.  I kept thinking about it, praying for Peter and for his orphans and his widows and his family.  Asking the Lord to dig deeper the well in my heart of compassion, of service to the less fortunate.

To dig deeper the well in my heart, where His Living Water can flow more freely.  I want to be His hands and feet too.

And so here I am, asking you to consider if there’s a place in your budget for the widows and orphans of the Good Samaritan orphan home.  There is a website:  www.goodsamaritanorphanhomes.org And there is a place to click where you can see the widows and the orphans who need you.  This website is run, I do believe, by Brother Peter’s son, who cares for the flock in his father’s absence.  Servants they are, web masters they are not…so if you have any trouble with your sponsorship, I can help you get it figured out.

Let’s do this, you guys.  Let’s change the world for these ones who need us.  Let’s be His hands and His feet.  Let’s be the Good Samaritan.

You can also donate to:

Hope Community Church
India Orphanage/Peter Subbaiah
28 Harpersville Road
Newport News, VA, 23601

Or, you can email me for more details at joel2twentyfive@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “A Good Samaritan, Indeed

  1. I just mailed my first check to sponsor a widow — thank you Christina for inspiring us to make a difference in the world. Love you!

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