Come On, World Changers!

This morning I had visions of sipping coffee and writing an inspiring and motivating blog about the Good Samaritan Orphanage.

This morning, Claire got up about an hour before I’d planned on waking.  In the first fifteen minutes of our being up, she dumped out her sippy cup full of chocolate milk on the carpet, got into some lotion and unraveled a scrap afghan I’ve been working on for the poor freezing children of our household.

I did not give up. I put on Veggie Tales and got her a no spill sippy this time (what a rookie mistake, anyway!) and sat down to type.  Claire took note of the situation, climbed into my lap and then went a step further and climbed on top of my laptop.  I put it aside and gave her my undivided attention but what she really wanted was the lotion that was now on the table beside my chair.

After an epic meltdown over the lotion and another fight over my yarn…she got mad and stormed off.  She is now wrapping herself in her blankie and watching “Gideon the Tuba Warrior” and so I might have just a few minutes here to get a paragraph or two down.

I think about our home and Claire’s life and how she never has to worry if there’s clean water to drink and wash in.  She never has to worry that there won’t be enough food or that she won’t be able to go to school.  Her life at this stage is mostly about getting away with things and drinking my water.  We have a safe and happy home and all of our needs are met.  I think about my hot coffee (and huge bag of coffee beans) and kitchen full of food and the fact that we can keep our house as warm or as cool as we want.

I remember how last night I wanted a snack.  I went to the kitchen and looked in the pantry and looked in the fridge.  I thought to myself, “Ugh…I don’t want any of this stuff.”  And then I remembered Peter telling us a story about how his daughter picks up leafy greens off of the side of the road during her travels because they can be cooked for the children.  How she can make a soup out of almost nothing.

I remember this picture of a lady who is waiting to be sponsored.  She has broken legs and has no one to care for her.  I think chances are good she wouldn’t look in my pantry and say, “Ugh…I don’t want any of this stuff.”  

My mind moves to the pictures spread out on the dining table last night of all the young ones in need…how $25 is enough to cover ALL of their needs. I see their faces and ask the Lord, “What do I do?”

And it’s not that I feel guitlly or that I want you to feel guilty. No, it’s not that. It’s that I feel conviction.  It’s that my heart is stirred for the needs of these people.  I am asking the Lord for opportunities to help, to change the world.  To bless these ones that He loves.

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”  James 1:27

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Peter.  I wrote about him here, if you want some back story.  A Good Samaritan, Indeed  Last night, we were fortunate enough to have dinner with Pastor Peter and our friends, the Tiefenbacks. He was able to talk to us about all that is going on with Good Samaritan and with his family and I just knew I had to share it with you.

Peter is the head of an organization that does four different things.
1. He has an orphanage. Here is where you can read more about the nuts and bolts of the whole thing:  Orphan Homes.  Pastor Peter told us that he currently has 59 orphans and that their needs are simple.  They need education, they need clothing and they need food.  The monthly maintenance for each child is $25.   (And for perspective, I spent almost that much at Chickfila yesterday.)  He told me that the children gather in small groups to pray each and every day.  He told me they’d been praying for me, since the time we first became acquainted.  My heart broke into a million pieces as I imagined these beautiful children, half a world away, praying for me as they hoped against hope that they would have enough food to eat, that they would be able to go to school.  The children are made aware of their “foster parents” and they pray daily for the people who support them.  Peter sends out twice yearly updates and photos of the child you foster.  He also sends regular email updates.

The children that Pastor Peter has in his orphan home are children that are not adoptable.  Either they have parents still and the parents are too poor to care for them, or they are disqualified for other reasons.  In short…their only hope is the Good Samaritan Orphanage and sponsorship from people like you and me.

2. He makes a home for widows. You can read more here: Widow Homes. The mission is to provide health care, homes, food and clothing for these women who have no husband and no children or children who are unable or unwilling to care for them.  Pastor Peter told us that he has nineteen such women in the widow home and that there are many more on the horizon.  He is hoping to purchase a small piece of land in order to build another house for the women to live in, because they are running out of room.

The cost to maintain one of these dear ladies is only $30 per month. This is $1.00 a day.

3. Pastor Peter and his organization hope to build homes with proper toilet systems. You can read more about the housing and sanitation project here: Housing and Sanitation. They hope to build 50 to 250 homes for the most needy of nearby families, to improve their quality of life. At the current time, these families are living in straw huts that are very vulnerable to weather events, not secure, and which don’t have toilets at all. This project needs donations, as well.

4. Pastor Peter explained to us about his latest project. He is hoping to get the tribal families to begin raising sheep as a good source of food and income. The idea is to provide a sustaining livelihood for these families.

I am telling you all of this because I want to ask you for help. I have set in my heart a goal to secure ten sponsorships for the children, five sponsorships for the widows and one lump sum donation for each of the four projects. I am asking you, really, to provide resources for these widows, orphans and poor people of Andra Pradesh, India.

Because yesterday, I listened to a man talk about doing the work of the Lord…I listened to him cheerfully and optimistically list the needs of his flock. He believes the Lord will provide. He knows the Lord will provide. Don’t you want to be a part of that work?

You can leave me a comment, you can send me an email at You can go to directly to the website through any of these links I’ve listed above and figure out how to donate that way. You can send checks with “India Orphans/Peter Subbaiah” in the memo part to:

Hope Community Church
28 Harpersville Road
Newport News, VA, 23601

Hope sends off a check once per month to the orphanage. They handle it all, including keeping track of your donations so that you can use your giving as a tax deduction.

We can make this happen. We can be world changers, dear readers. We can change the world for an orphan or a widow, we can provide resources to build homes, we can provide clean water, we can provide sheep! Sheep! How cool is that? And I can assure you…I know Pastor Peter. You can trust him to use your resources wisely. He is thrifty and he is always thinking of the greater good. He will make sure that every dollar you send is put to a good use.

And then, in the mail, twice a year, you’ll get a picture and an update of a beautiful young person who is fearfully and wonderfully made…you’ll get a letter written by that young person, thanking you and telling you how their life has changed. You’ll get an update on your “new granny” and you’ll know that you’ve changed the world for her. This is good work and I am truly begging you to ask the Lord if you are to take part.

Let’s be world changers. Let’s serve the Lord by serving His loved ones.

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