Happy Wedding Day, Kristin…from my couch

Today, for the sake of the new, tiny, growing babies, I must stay home and rest…just like I’ve been doing for the past couple of days.

I’m getting a little stir crazy and a lot bored and I’m working hard at remembering thankfulness and contentment.  I’ve gotten a restraining order against Poor Me and Discouragement.  I can do this.

I’ve done bed rest before.  When I was pregnant with Julia, almost two decades ago…bed rest for three weeks towards the end.  I survived!  When I was pregnant with Lila, five years ago, bed rest for almost two months, when you added it all up.  It began around 19 weeks and came on with a vengeance at 29 weeks.

This is just for a few days and will be totally worth it.  Luckily there are still like twenty episodes of “Arrested Devolopment” for me to watch.

But the sad thing about today is…I’m missing Kristin’s wedding.  My family will go on without me and they will take pictures for me but it’s just not the same.  I mean, I love “Arrested Development”  but I love Kristin a lot more!

So, from my couch and from my bed, I give thanks to the Lord for Kristin and Drew and for what I am sure will be a glorious wedding.  I give thanks for my family, who will be in attendance.  I give thanks for the pictures I’ll have to see later.

I thank the Lord for my two new babies and thank Him for the healing work He is doing.

There’s more to be thankful for than to be sad about, really.  And of course, there will be a video for me to see!

Kristin, I love you! And I know today will be a beautiful day!  I’m so happy for you and Drew!!!

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