Truth is Truth

I know a lot of truth, but sometimes my heart doesn’t believe me.

I know that God is good.
I know that God loves me.
I know that He has a plan for my life.
I know that He is outside of time and can see the end of the story.
I know that He will turn Every Single Thing around for good.

And sometimes, I know all of that in my head but it just doesn’t make it to my heart.  Disappointment, discouragement, depression…those things clog up my heart and make it hard for truth to seep in.  Those truths just marinate in my head while my heart is sick with worry and sadness.

It’s hard to figure out how to open a channel for those truths to trickle down…to stream into the heart.

Part of that is because feelings lie.  Circumstances lie.  Fear lies.

I’m struggling right now with getting my head truths into my heart.  I’m standing on those truths just the same, albeit with fear and trembling…because what else have I got?

My prayer today is that God will show me those truths in action.  That He will take the blinders off the eyes of my heart and help my heart to see that what He says is true.

Truth doesn’t change because of circumstance, after all.

I know the end of the story, I come up from the wilderness, leaning on my Beloved…

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