It’s A….

Today meant another visit to EVMS for an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth, the hemorrhage, the placenta previa and my thyroid.

I don’t like going to EVMS, it’s just not my favorite place and God knows that.  I say He knows that because we were given a blessing as we rode up the elevator today.  An elderly lady said, as the elevator stopped and we stepped off, “I sure hope that baby brings you nothing but blessings.  In fact, in the name of Jesus, I claim that this baby will be blessed.  In the name of Jesus.”

I thanked her as the doors closed and then I thanked the Lord because that blessing meant the world to me as I went into the waiting room of the place where I found out that Baby B had died.

We waited forever and ever and it was finally our turn.  The baby looked great, wiggling away and just giving such a strong impression of strength.  Organs were where they were supposed to be, measurements are spot on…and yes, the ultrasound lady said, yes, we can tell what the baby is.

A girl.

A fifth girl for our family of warrior women and we could not be more pleased.

We were quiet and surprised at first and I said to John, “Are you disappointed?”  And he said, “No way.  Absolutely not.  I’m just wondering what her name is.”

We both felt like the name Lydia, chosen weeks ago…just wasn’t this strong warrior baby’s name.

And so the name search begins for child number six, daughter number five, our grande finale.

And we claim that blessing over her life too.

3 thoughts on “It’s A….

  1. YAY! Anna means grace. Just saying! And, grace has been key in this journey. I also just googled strong girl names and Julia, Claire and even Caroline were on the list. I also like Honor even though it’s a little trendy, Hannah since Hannah prayed for a child and your child was VERY much prayed for, Brianna (means strong one), Karla (strong and womanly), Gabriela (warrior of God), Nora (woman of honor), Lauralee (which I really like because it means victory in the meadow which seems to be a bit feminine since meadows are usually a place of peacefulness), and Eve (living— even if she did make this mothering thing harder for us). Gwyneth (means fortunate/ blessed), Tiffany (divine manifestation), Zoey (breath of life) certainly fit too.

    By the way, I’m so happy for you but in reading this, I also realized that I’d probably be finding out the sex of my baby soon too. 😦 This one has been TOUGH.

  2. The Lord did give us a perfect name! And lots of the ones you suggested ended up on the shortlist, Toni! Laura, Nora, Rowan and Hannah. In the end, we decided to go with Nora Elizabeth Jean.

    And Toni, I totally get what you mean. After my last summer loss, I had several friends who were due around the same time that I would’ve been. It was very difficult to watch their pregnancies progress and babies be born. I was so happy for them and so thankful for their healthy babies, but it illuminated my grief. I wish so much that you WERE finding out right about now.

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