Thankful for Words

Today is November 7 and the election is over and I’m not going to talk about that here except to say that when I woke up this morning, God was still God and He had not changed.

I’m going to carry on with my month of Thanksgiving.

November 7

I’m thankful for words.

Writing Words.
Reading Words.
Speaking Words.

I’ve loved writing since I could put words together on a piece of notebook paper. I can remember trying to craft stories as a very little girl with my picture dictionary. I can remember filling notebooks with stories of teen angst when I myself was an angsty teen. I’ve been blogging for at least eleven years, working on fiction books and Christian life books that never really get finished. I love to write. I love to watch the words flow from my fingers, love the sound of the keys as I type…I love the process and I love what happens in me. Writing helps me see where I’m really at with things.

And how I love to read. My sister once said that I’d read the back of the cereal box or the instructions to the microwave if I was out of books. She’s right. I love the written word. Imagine my happiness the first time I went to John’s house and saw his wall of books. I’ve married a man who owns at least 1000 books! Here are a few of my favorites.

I mean, obviously the Bible

The book that has changed my life the second most

Funniest Book I ever read- I read this book so many times that cover fell off.  I still have it and I read it for the first time at like 15.

My favorite memoir

My two favorite series(es?)

I could go on and on with books I’ve read and loved.

Spoken words are very important to me as well.  I believe there is such power in the things that we say to each other.  My love language is words of affirmation (unless you’re John, then it’s Acts of Service) and a sentence can send me into self doubt and confusion or it can make my whole day.  There are things people have said to me that I’ve remembered for years.  There are things I’ve said that I wish I could take back.  Words, words, words.  They can be a gift or like tiny daggers.

Are you doing November Thanks?  Do you feel like it’s too late to start, now that it’s November 7th?  It’s not!  You can start right here and right now.  You can make a little list from 1-7 and share your joys with the Joel2Twentyfive community.  You can write them in your journal, put them on facebook or tell them to your family over dinner.  It’s not too late.  Begin the practice of gratitude!

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