November 8 Thanks

Yesterday ended up being a hard day that was capped off by another sleepless night.  But I figured I’d better take my own advice and practice gratitude even in the midst of a hard day and a sleepless night.

God came through with miracles yesterday.  Divine provision that I know He orchestrated.  I am thankful.

And this morning came the gift of perspective when I received an email from Peter at the Good Samaritan Orphanage in India.

His email was a plea for help, asking me to pass on information about them to my pastor, to other friends, to anyone that might want to help.  There are 54 children and only 20 have sponsors.  There are 19 ladies and only 6 have sponsors.  Without sponsorships, it is very difficult to feed and clothe everyone.  It is very difficult to educate the children and provide medications for the elderly ladies.

Perspective.  Yes, I have troubles…but everyone in this house has food to eat, clean water to drink in bathe in, space to kick around in, clothes to wear, education, work, medication (if they need it).  Yes, some things in my life are hard…but I don’t have to worry how I’m going to feed my family.  And so…

November 8 

I am thankful for Peter and the Good Samaritan orphanage.  I am thankful that Peter, day after day, is willing to serve the widows and orphans that are so close to God’s heart.  Even though it is a trial and even though he and his family must live in virtual poverty to do it, he is there for them every day.  He is ever believing that God will bring enough sponsors, enough one time donors, enough support for them to get through every month.  I am thankful for the Good Samaritan group, because they have taught me to take my eyes off of myself.  They have taught me to pray for miracles and expect them to happen.  They have taught me that God will never let the faithful be put to shame.

They have shown me perspective.

If you want to help Peter’s orphans and widows, either monthly or one time, please contact me and I will help you get started.  Or, simply click here to give online.  Next to “amount”, be sure and click the drop down menu and choose “India Mission”.

If you’ve decided to sponsor, please let me know.  I would love to be able to find the 34 sponsors needed for the children and the 16 sponsors needed for the ladies!



2 thoughts on “November 8 Thanks

  1. Also, I can’t do math. The 19 widows have six sponsors, which means that 13 are in need. But now that Jessica has decided to adopt one, there are only 12 widows who need “foster parents”.

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