Oh boy, where do I even begin?

We went from a good appointment on Friday to my water breaking on Saturday which is basically how this pregnancy has gone from the beginning.

I woke up Saturday morning with the feeling that something was just not quite right and I’ll spare you the details.  I ended up heading in to Mary Immaculate to find out if my water had broken, which indeed it had.  I was there a few hours, then sent to Norfolk Sentara by ambulance.  Yes, ambulance.  With a siren.

The first day and night here was a little rough.  I had a very uncomfortable catheter and the labor and delivery rooms are not super comfy.  They’re not made for camping out, but for laboring.

It began to seem clear that I wasn’t about to go into labor at any moment so they’ve moved me to the antepartum wing.  Those of us that are here are trying to stay pregnant.  Women with preterm labor, preeclampsia, ruptured membranes, etc.  It’s more quiet, more comfortable.

I’m on day 4 and while I’m really, really bored I’m also really grateful that Nora continues to do well and shows no signs of evicting herself any time soon.

The big goal is to make 34 weeks, which is on December 20th.

Right now, today, I am 28 weeks, 5 days.

It’s surreal, actually.  That I’m here, that I’m not home, that the life of my family is just trucking on without me.  I am eternally and humbly grateful for the kindness of all who are pitching in to help.  Stories of food, groceries, gas cards, babysitting, prayers, visits, love, Christmas shopping, and everything else you can think of have blessed my socks off.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing support system of family and friends and those people have some amazing people in their lives too because people I don’t even know are helping my family.

I’m taking it one day at a time and just staying focused on helping Nora thrive.  I miss everyone so, so much but she needs my undivided attention right now and her need is greatest.  I am praying for her, lying still for her and sort of just hibernating here in Norfolk for her.  I’m hoping we make it to 34 weeks but count each day that passes as a victory.  Every day brings her closer to health.

Now, I must get back on my gratitude track!  I’m still grateful, even if my plans have been a bit disrupted!

November 9
I’m really thankful that I got to see Aubrey be in two plays lately. She’s so good and it’s so fun to watch her do something she loves!

November 10
Thankful for medical breakthroughs that help babies like Nora. I’m so thankful for the steroid shots for her lungs, for the antibiotics that are keeping us infection free, for this hospital and the doctors, nurses and students here. I already have my favorites.

November 11
Thankful that my children are being well cared for at home by their sisters, their Nonnie and their Nana. It makes me feel happy and at peace that home is going on as it should be and they are not displaced. I sure do miss all five of them (and my nieces and nephew too!) but I’m glad they are doing just fine.

November 12
I’m thankful for the kindness of our community, for the generosity of our church family and our friends. I am thankful for my sister’s organization skills as she has basically mobilized the city of Grafton and other parts of the peninsula on our behalf. It’s humbling. I know I keep saying that but it is. To be helped so much is just beautiful.

November 13
I am so thankful for the way God really does work everything out for God. He has brought provision and good through all of this and I know His hand in on Nora. I know He is growing her and preparing her for life. I am so grateful for His peace in the midst of this…for His mercies new every morning.

We are holding out for December 20th, which would have me home by Christmas, even though Nora would have to stay behind a bit longer. Luckily, she won’t remember Christmas this year and by next year, she’ll be into everything and we’ll be reminiscing about 2012!

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