Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago, I woke up and my water broke.

Two weeks ago, I didn’t have any idea how much my life was going to change.

Two weeks ago, I didn’t know what I was about to face.

Yesterday, a friend said she had the epiphany while driving to the hospital to see me, “I could have just as easily been driving to your funeral.”

Sometime when we sat beside our teeny, tiny daughter’s bedside this past week John said, “I just didn’t know how I’d be able to show her who you were.”

Many times, doctors and nurses that I don’t remember have stopped and said with hushed voices and a squeeze of the hand, “I am so glad to see you today.”

And over and over again, many times an hour, I say an awestruck thank you to God for hearing the prayers of His people and calling me back from the brink of death.

This two weeks has been a crash course in the beauty of the body of Christ and the majesty of God Himself.  These two weeks have shown me miracles.  Miracles of provision, miracles of service and love towards us, medical miracles and miracles of answered prayer.

It started with miracles of provision.  As I waited in the hospital for something to change, my sister was organizing and mobilizing the people of God.  People I know, people I don’t know, people I can’t wait to get to know have fed my family, cared for my home and yard, taken care of my little girls, purchased needs for our home, Christmas gifts, a recliner for me to recuperate in.  God opened up the floodgates of heaven and rained down provision, it just streamed through the hands of His people.  We sat in humble amazement as the people of God loved on us.  Our hearts swelled.  Our cup ran over and over and over.

And then I began to hemorrhage again on Sunday after this post and a long visit from my dad and my husband and my kids.  It was scary and went from scary to really scary pretty quickly and it stayed really scary.  I remember almost nothing from Sunday night at 10pm  until 1:00 on Monday.  I opened my eyes to a clock that said 1:00 and I could see that it was daytime outside and I knew that just wasn’t right.  I’d gone into surgery at 10pm.  It should be 1:00am…what had happened in the night?  I had one flash of memory- tons of voices talking, pain in my mid section, feeling paralyzed and terribly afraid but that was my only memory.  And it was brief.  I lay there, intubated, trying to figure out what had happened.

When I finally got the tube out (shudder…that was rough)…John and Bethany filled in the gaps for me.  I was prayed away from the brink of death, friends.  John said it did not start to turn around until he and the rest of my family began calling on people to pray and pray with authority.  I had been losing blood faster than they could replace it.  I was up to 24 units- the body holds 8.

I had a procedure done in radiology that was a last ditch-this might work procedure that did begin to work.  As the people prayed, my bleeding slowed.  As the people prayed, I began to come back.

I listened to John and Bethany talk about how close I’d come to leaving this world and was humbled anew.  Miracles of medicine and medical know how.  That my doctors never gave up.  Miracles of a praying people.  Miracles of a praying people who spoke, sang and shouted life over me.

And as all of that went on and the battle for me was raging…a little girl noisily entered the world and defied all expectations.  Nora Elizabeth Jean, world changer did well from the moment she was born screaming and flailing.

This tiny two pound, 14 ounce long miracle girl burst into the world and amazed us all.

She has done so well since the very beginning.  And now she is six days old and she has a long road ahead of her but I can see her strength and I know that she will continue to grow and grow stronger.

At first, after my surgery and my experiences, I was really unwell.  I would fall asleep in mid sentence, I had pain, I was exhausted.  It took until day three to have the stamina and the strength to come and meet my sweet little warrior princess.  But that day came and I was deeply amazed by her.  For one thing, she is indescribably tiny.  For another, she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  For a third…she is my prize for surviving all of this and I love her big.

It’s as though all the strength of all the women she is named after (and there are about 20 people she is named for with Elizabeth and Jean) have come together in Nora.  She is strong, feisty, tough…a fighter.

Her daddy and I are so grateful for her big presence and her tiny, well formed body.  She has a purpose and a destiny and she is beginning life with an amazing testimony.

The second time I went to see her, I still felt such awe…but also overwhelming love and gratefulness and I wept as I held her for a good ten minutes.  Tears just fell as I held her warm little body close.  Thank you, Jesus for saving us.  For letting me hold this precious daughter.  For letting us have each other.


Our lives have changed in two weeks.

We are humbled and loved deeply.  We are thankful and our hearts overflow.  We are aware of the power of God’s people, of the power in His Hand.

Two weeks ago, my water broke…today, I’m going home.  I’m recovering.  I’m going to be okay.  We have the day Nora comes home to look ahead to.  We have days in between where we can just sing praises and shout our thanksgiving and love each other.

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousnessfor his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

13 thoughts on “Two Weeks Later

  1. I love your words…they touch my heart.
    On Thanksgiving eve, we had a small church service for what we are truely thankful for..the things that matter. During that service, my daughter read a reading…and as I while I was listening, I was also praying for you and your daughter and I hear her speak and she is reading Joel 2:25. It was mind boggling and whether or not it was a true sign from God I took it as one. That he was hearing all of our prayers LOUD AND CLEAR! You are so loved….

  2. Chris, I’m a friend of Vicki’s and have been praying for you for months. I was saddened to hear of the loss of one twin, but God has certainly blessed you with a tiny and beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing your story. Love and blessings, Pat

  3. ChaCha, AMEN, AMEN, AND PRAISE GOD. We rejoice that God has done His miraculous work in you and Nora. We will conti ue to pray for recovery and restoration.

  4. Your post made me cry. I’m so glad you’re alright Chris, and that God saved you both. That last picture of Nora snuggling with you is just so precious. I will pray for your continued recovery and Nora’s continued increase in strength and size.

  5. Oh Chris. I nearly cried this morning as I read this. Your pregnancy has been an emotional roller coaster for me and every time I’ve heard that I needed to be praying for another aspect of your pregnancy, I would reflect on where I would be in my pregnancy. We were supposed to be just a week apart. I’ve reflected on my loss a lot. BUT, I’ve also been praying for you and the babies since the beginning and then just you and Nora. I’m amazed at how healthy she is and I pray that she continues to be that healthy and to grow stronger. My specific prayer the past couple of days has been that she would be home by Christmas. I’m also praying for your healing, my friend. I know a surgery of that magnitude and having that much blood pumped into your body will take some time to recover from. I pray that, until Nora comes home, you are able to split your time between the hospital and your home in such a way that you are not worn down. I thank GOD for the amazing team of doctors and nurses who’ve cared for you and that sweet princess.

  6. This Thanksgiving you & Nora, and your accompanying miracles, were two of the the things that I was thankful for this year. What an awesome God we serve.

  7. How have I never found your blog before??? I’m just sitting in shock. First of all, congratulations on your sweet Nora. She is just beautiful. Wow. Such an amazing story of faith. : )

    Joel 2:25 is a verse that’s so important to me as well and reading through your blog was even more special because of that. I love your faith and your honesty…even when things are rough. I know you have a lot on your plate right now…and are probably exhausted, so I won’t make this too long. I will be praying for my Joel 2:25 sister. : )


    1. Wow! Another Joel 2:25 girl! And, our names are one letter apart- you are Christine and I am Christina! I’d love to hear your Joel 2:25 story and I appreciate your prayers so much!
      Be blessed!

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