Seasoned With Grace

She prayed, “…that your words with be seasoned with grace.”  She who has prayed me through many a crisis, who cried at my bedside on November 19, who has spoken truth in love when needed and who has stood by me through more than a dozen years.

That my words would be seasoned with grace.

And the words leapt out of her mouth and straight into my heart and for a while I couldn’t hear her or the other faithful friend who has stood strong beside me through so many journeys, our cord of three strands so strong.  They prayed for me.  But all I could hear was those words.

Seasoned with grace.  That my words be seasoned with grace.  

My sister and I have been talking about how your words come straight from the heart and you can’t just take the good words and pat yourself on the back.  You have to own them all.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Luke 6:45 says:  For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

So, is my heart full of impatience?  Is my heart full of irritation and frustration?  Is my heart full of bitterness?

Sometimes my speech would say so.  And I’ve been praying and asking God what my focus this year should be…since last year was thankfulness, gratitude.

I think maybe it still is gratitude because I still feel so passionately about it and because I am still getting so much good out of the practice.  It’s a lifelong thing, I think, that I will ever be focused on.

But God has reminded me about praying for my enemies more than once and that has to do with the depths of my heart and the words of my mouth.  And now this….

That my words be seasoned with grace.

My heart is full of gratitude, love, grace and the joy of the Lord.  I want those things to be the things that will come through in my speech, not the lesser things.  

So, today I ask Him who can do all things…”Help me, Lord.”  Help my speech and my words be kind and thought out.  That I would think before speaking and that my words would bring life and love.  


One thought on “Seasoned With Grace

  1. A beautiful reminder that I need too. And when I think of the word grace, I know that love, forgiveness, and acceptance are key ingredients. May God us the patience and courage and grace to extend His love and grace to all…cause for me, I will need His help in a big way.

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