Giving With Urgency

My life changed forever when I woke up on November 19th.  Confusion, pain, exhaustion eased into understanding, realization and gratitude.

I almost left this world.  My smallest daughter might have shared her birthday with the anniversary of my death.  She may never have known me.

IMG_9579It took a week or so for all of that to sink in, for me to really understand what had happened.  It was three days before I could go and even see Nora.


As the days and weeks go by and I get better and better…the realization sinks in deeper.  Gratitude grew with every hospital visit.IMG_1406

I got sick again, I was back in the hospital again.  Another week went by and I couldn’t see Nora, I was homesick and heartsick and discouraged.  But still…grateful.  I was alive.

By the end of that awful, miserable week…Nora and I were reunited.



And then I was home again and so happy.  The joy I felt in the mundane was unmatched.  My kids running wild did my heart so much good.  I felt more alive every day.



And now we have our baby at home and she’s been at home for almost two weeks.  I am tired, my body hurts, I get words mixed up and forget things and am still recovering at a snail’s pace.

But I am alive.



And I feel a sense of urgency to change the world, to be an asset to the world.  Not that I need to pay back God for sparing me.  God doesn’t work like that.  The gifts He gives are without strings.  And I receive them.

But, I almost wasn’t here anymore.   And now I am.  And so I feel this new urgency.

And that urgency was increased when I spoke to my friend Peter at the Good Samaritan Orphan Home yesterday.  The needs of the orphanage are great.  And when I think about how far American dollars go over there and how much money we spend on Starbucks and pizza…how can I not help?

I talk about Peter here but I’ll fill you in here too.

I became aware of Pastor Peter and the Good Samaritan Orphan Home more than a decade ago at Hope community church.  I met and made friends with a family that had two beautiful Indian daughters.  They’d been adopted from the Good Samaritan Orphan Home.  We held a fundraiser to build a well for them.  Many years go by and last summer, I was able to meet with Peter and hear more about what was going on at the orphanage.

They are so in need of sponsors for the 54 children and the 19 widows that live there.

And I urgently want to help the sponsors find their way to their foster children and their foster grandmas.  (Ammas, as Peter calls them.)

Right now, there is a need for a buffalo shed.  The buffalo that lives there and provides the children with milk has had a baby girl buffalo and a shed is needed to house them.  I’m doing a quick fundraiser to get to $400 (or maybe even beyond!) to rescue the buffaloes by January 31st.

Will you help?  Maybe you’re feeling some extra gratitude today?  Give.  And then share with us that you have and what/who you’re giving in honor of.

I’m giving in honor of LIFE, in honor of Nora, in honor of all of those who’ve prayed for me and my family and who’ve loved us through all this.

Here’s where you can give:  Give to the Good Samaritan Orphan Home


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