6 Months Old

Nora was six months old on May 18, 2013.  I had all these plans of blogging about our milestones and the life changes and the works done in my heart and the miracle that she is.

But life got in the way.

I was busy and I wasn’t feeling well and there was just a LOT going on around here.  A lot going on in me.  This journey has been so hard but so beautiful at the same time.  And I am in still in the midst of processing it all and figuring out who I am in it.

The best part of the story is this little miracle girl who has changed our lives and filled our hearts.  I think I’ll just let pictures tell her six months’ story.

It started with two.  Two beautiful hearts beating life.



The pregnancy was…complicated at best.  hemorrhages, placenta issue, the loss of Baby B, bed rest, doctor’s appointments.  There were only a few short windows where I was even allowed out of bed.

10-06-12 Chris 40th BD Party (45)


We believed for miracles when I went in for a c-section and hysterectomy at only 29 weeks.  I almost died, but Nora was miraculous.  Apgars of 8 and 9, flailing around, screaming for her life.  She was robust and wiry for just 2lb. 14oz.  She rallied as I faded.



When she was three days old, I finally got to meet her.  Prayed back from the brink, I longed to see this little miracle girl.



Her first month, she was gaining strength, rocking being a preemie and progressing even as I struggled.



Another month went by and the NICU became our second home.  She came home on January 14th, eight weeks and one day old.



Nora’s due date, January 31st, came and Barb Spencer came and took some pictures of our beloved smallest daughter.  I crocheted this hat and cocoon early in my pregnancy, after we’d lost baby B and before we knew what Nora’s outcome would be.  I crocheted with hope in my heart and it moved me to see this little love wearing it.

Yorktown Newborn Photography


Having her home was such a pleasure and she grew and grew.  Here she is at three months old.



Four months brought more sweetness and the beginnings of smiles.



Five months old!  FULL of smiles now!  We had her baby dedication and just gave grateful thanks to the Lord.



And now here she is.  Six months old.  A light, a snuggly sweet little bundle of pure joy!  She is big now- fourteen pounds.  Seven times the size she used to be.  She laughs, she smiles, she lights up when her daddy comes in the room.  She loves to be sung to and tickled.  She doesn’t mind going out and about but does need a certain amount of snuggle time in Mommy’s chair.  She sleeps all night and has for two months.  She is just a joy.  An easy, happy baby.  We are grateful.

Your prayers.  Your prayers saved me and your prayers brought Nora here.

IMG_4787 IMG_4261 IMG_5150




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