Happy Graduation, Aubrey!

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Today, Aubrey graduates from high school.

I am thinking of the moment I first held her and couldn’t believe her black hair!  Sweet little butterball of peace and love…that quiet baby turned into a wild and nutty toddler not unlike her sister Claire.

Aubrey was a funny little kid.  She loved Pocahontas 2 and animals (not unlike her sister Lila) and Littlest Pet Shop.  She “taught” herself to do Irish step dancing and would exhibit her skills whenever asked.  She was always loving and sweet.

In elementary school, she started writing these little poems about Jesus with drawings included.  I have the notebook they are in and I treasure it.  She’s still a very gifted writer.

Late in middle school , she discovered theatre and has loved it ever since.  I’ve seen her make some amazing friends through drama and we have loved watching her perform.

Aubrey is always one who will jump and help out without even being asked.  She is great with her little sisters.  She happily serves the children at church and is always there for her friends.  She is a lovely young woman.

Aubrey and I are a lot alike but her sense of humor leaves me in the dust!  She is so funny.

What I love most about Aubrey is how much she loves Jesus and how hard she loves her people.  Aubrey knows what it means to love well and that is part of everything she does.  She is going to change the world.

I’m so proud of her.

This is a scary part of the motherhood journey.  It’s kind of the moment they step out of childhood and tentatively into adulthood.  And like any new thing, being a grown up takes practice.  Aubrey will do well, I know but she’s going to have to make some mistakes along the way.

We all do.  And it’s how we learn.

This is the time, though, that we stop and just watch and see our hard work pay off, see our child come into their own.

Today, I have two adult children and I just can’t believe the years have flown by so fast.  That’s one thing I just have to say, the days sometimes crawl by slowly but the years fly.  My 9lb. 11oz. black haired baby girl is a tall, blonde gorgeous young woman.  She will walk across a stage today, out of childhood and into adulthood.

I’m confident that I will cry.

2 thoughts on “Happy Graduation, Aubrey!

  1. I remember the day that Aubrey was born and the beautiful woman she has become. Congrats Aubrey and Chris

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