Summer Break



A few weeks ago, I was praying with my faithful friends, the two women I’ve been praying with for about the past ten years.

I had shared with them how much I wanted this summer to be one to remember.  How I wanted to make strong, good, happy memories with my six and with my nieces and nephew.  How I wanted lots of time to just BE with John and lots of time to just be alive.

They were praying into that and over me and then one of them began to bless us with an Extravagant Summer.

It was a wonderful blessing, bursting with promise and brimming with life.

I told John about it and we began to pray into to.

Then we began to talk about what it would look like.

We have a lot of summer plans.  We want to do a lot of fun things.  We’ve already taken one trip to the mountains and had some really good times there.  We have a couple of other trips planned too.

But what about the day to day?  What will that look like?

Well, I began to hear in my heart that I needed to take a technology break.  Step away from these keys and truly be in every moment.  Limit my computer time to only checking email and messages one or two times a day.  Close the doors on Facebook for the summer, save up my blogs for the fall and really, really be in the moments.  We’re going to quit just turning on the tv or going to the computer for games and get outside, play a board game, make crafts, learn to cook something new, see what happens!

I’ve been thinking so much about this mama, how she’s made it her life’s work to be a hands free, fully focused mama.  She’s got some good stuff on her page.

And it’s not that technology is bad.  It’s just that having both hands and both eyes in the game is better.  A season of concentrated experience, concentrated love, concentrated focus can only be good, right?

I’m going to miss you, dear Readers.  I will be back on Labor Day or maybe a little bit after to tell you how our summer went.  And I’ll be checking my email if you want to stay in touch.

Have a great summer!  Make it extravagant!  Love well!  LIVE!



2 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. I agree and wish you a glorious summer with your beautiful family. So glad to have gotten to see all the children, especially Nora! What a precious miracle! Enjoy your summer. I plan to do the same.

  2. Why right when I’m moving??? Totally understand though; I will miss this as well but try to remember that we will still communicate about such things one on one through technology-mimicking-face-to-face. Love you like crazy.

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