The Summer’s End

Summer has ended and here we are.  It flew by in a flurry of searching for swimsuits, laughter, tantrums, lost shoes, visiting the library, visiting friends, road trip after road trip, bananagrams, cousins, watermelon and mosquito bites.

John headed back to work.  My daycare days resumed.  School supplies have been organized, paperwork filled out and even the weather seems to have cooled.  Breezes blow and there is no denying that fall is coming.

At first I was cranky about the end of our Extravagant Summer.  It seemed to just go by so fast, I felt we careened into fall and I just wasn’t ready for it to be over.  But then I counted all the gifts of the summer and they were too many to number…fall will bring as many good things.  This much I know.

God has begun so much in me this summer, He has worked out so much in me this summer and I can’t wait to sort it out and share it with you.

But for now…here’s our Extravagant Summer in photos.  In lots and lots of photos.



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