It Is What It Is


I know this statement meets with mixed reviews.  Some will say it’s a cop out- a way to be rude without being rude.  Some will say it’s giving up.  Some will say it’s lazy.

But I say this…there is something holy in accepting where you are.

I’m in a place of acceptance about fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia steals hours from me.  Days from me.  Experiences from me.  Fibromyalgia is forcing me to change who I am. It’s forcing me to reshape my day to day life.

It is what it is.

There are things I’ve found that help. Yoga, walks, good rest.  Essential Oils.

But sometimes…I just have pain.

Pain that makes no sense.  Pain that debilitates.  Pain that forces me to triage the needs and wants of my family, of myself and pick and choose those things that are truly important.

I’m realizing the truth here.

I have to let fibromyalgia be heard because it is what it is. It’s going to steal time from me, whether I make space for it or not.  But if I make space for it…there is so much less stress and striving.

I’m learning.

If I shrink my world down…If I carve out margin…If I just schedule time for rest and stillness…then fibro doesn’t win.

Turns out, there are just hours that I need to spend in the chair of healing, Bible open, paints nearby, markers, pens and pencils and crayons…I spend these hours in the Word or with my eyes closed.  These have been holy hours.

So…I’m not losing out on life.  I’m gaining Him.  It is what it is. And I could turn it into hours that I cry for what I can’t do.  I could turn into hours that I feel guilty and ashamed for all that I can’t accomplish.  I could turn it into hours where I’m filled with resentment and self pity and grief.  And yes, sometimes all of that and more….

But I count it as gain when I spend these hours like Mary at the feet of Jesus.  Choosing the better thing.  It will not be taken from me.

These hours spent with the One who made me and who holds my health in His hands are sacred.  They are a gift.

It is what it is.

4 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

  1. Love this. People that have not experienced this kind of “issue” have a hard time relating. I used to have a hard time relating, but no longer. It is what it is. I think it’s acceptance at a deeper level, it’s letting go of control which is so very hard when it’s your life and time and abilities. With each new onslaught the rage still comes and goes, the “why” still pops up it’s ugly little head and sometimes a good cry is all I have, but it is what it is. The doctors can’t fix it, healthy lifestyle can’t fix it, it is what it is. It’s not defeat, I am still moving towards healing in my body, that is still my goal. It just is what it is, sometimes there is no other answer.

  2. Great words! I, too, live with fibromyalgia… one of those silent, but severely painful, illnesses. People will say, “but you don’t look sick!” So I just say very little about it. You are correct…”It is what it is!” A real bummer most of the time! I have found that it is important for me to pare down my life and only do what I know that I can do. It makes me sad! It makes me angry! But, it is what it is! 🙂 It forces me to “be still and know that He is God!”. Love!

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