Worth It

We are surrounded by encouragers.

What a gift a positive word is.

Yesterday was a wild day, lots of ups and downs and stressors.  Today looks brighter, but fibro has come to visit today. I’ll be forced to be still and know today.


I believe in speaking truth about where you are in your journey.  Feel awful?  Say so.  Feel overwhelmed?  Say so.  Feel heartsick?  Say so.  I’ve long believed that things hidden, things in the dark lose their power when drug into the light.  So I tell the truth.  And my village receives me in my truth and speaks life and light into me.

Texts, Facebook messages, calls…all came through as we waded through the muck and mud of yesterday.  All with the same word:

God has GOT this.  He is with you.

And then this picture of this recued one in my Facebook messenger this morning.


She’s the reason we know we can fight this thing all the way through.  She’s the reason we know that we can handle whatever comes our way. She has given us a face to the needs of the orphan. She has shown us the joy of being in a family, of being rescued.  She illustrates how we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and she is so specifically Aila, created in His image….

And her mama typed these words to me:  “She is here.  You can do it.  It’s going to be worth it.”


I want Sylvie to have the joy that Aila does. To know that she belongs to us.  We want to teach her that she is created in His image.

God’s got this.
We can do it.
It’s going to be worth it.

Yard Sale!

I woke up this morning early.

Lila was standing beside my bed.  She’d had a dream of a purple pterodactyl that eats children.  She was shaken.  “Can I get in bed with you?”

The answer is always yes when they’re scared and so she climbed in and was sound asleep again in minutes.

But I was wide awake.

Our yard sale is tomorrow.  We have a house, back deck and shed completely and totally FULL of yard sale-ready merchandise.  And I suddenly realized at 6:34am that it has to get out of our house and onto tables tomorrow morning by 8am.

Picture it.  John and I and two bleary eyed grown up daughters dragging furniture, boxes of toys, clothes, kitchen ware, home decor, baby gear…you name it, we probably have it, out the front door and to the yard.  Julia and Aubrey do not even yet know that they will be pressed into service.  (Surprise!)


I speak to Jesus, “Lord, the harvest is plentiful.  The workers are few.”


I say also, deep in my heart, to Sylvie:  “You are loved, child because I absolutely hate doing yard sales.”

We’ve got a lot riding on this yard sale.

It’s a labor of love.

And so I think about that this morning.  I think about the work that goes into international adoption.  I think about the labor pains and the waiting and the unknowns and I think…it’s so different from becoming a mother the past six times…and it also isn’t.

I pray a more hopeful prayer.   “Lord, let this yard sale propel us towards the goal of giving Sylvie what you want for her.  Bless our efforts and our hands.  Bless each person who donated things to us, bless each person who purchases things from us.  Multiply every dollar to get us closer to raising the ransom for her life.”

Will you pray with us over this yard sale?  It might seem like a weird prayer, but will you?  Pray over these points with us:

  • Cooperative weather
  • An amazing turnout
  • No fibromyalgia issues
  • Helpers who are excited to come over at 6am and help set up
  • Generous givers
  • Good morale


Even for yard sales, the above is true.