The Eleventh Hour

We are so close to the end of the home study process.

We’ve gone through car problems, financial difficulty, illness after illness, dog problems, you name it.

When I start to feel discouraged…someone pops up and says something like this:

God never wants you to NOT rescue an orphan.

It’s always hardest right before a big breakthrough.

We were never sicker than we were the year we were going through the adoption process.  

We’ve seen things happen, miracles even…again and again.

We rallied around a little boy that needed a home, we prayed and we pleaded…and he found a family.  We never should’ve been able to get out of our lease and move to our forever home (that is literally PERFECT for us) but it happened…Things have happened as we’ve dug in our heels and refused to give up.

And we won’t give up now.

Please keep us in your prayers as we reach the paperwork finish line!  And if you feel led to give, no amount is too small. Every single dollar is valued and important to the process!  Thank you all so much!


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