Loss & Redemption

This morning, Sisi’s foster mom posted a photo of she and Sisi when Sisi was just a little baby.  I shed a few tears…because so much of this beautiful redemption story is also about loss.

Sisi’s four years have been colored by loss and restoration, loss and restoration.

She lost her birth parents at less than three weeks old.  But she got her foster family the same day.

She will lose her foster family very soon, but she will gain us.

It’s a lot to ask of a little girl.

My prayer for her this morning is that the brokenness that is born out of all this loss will be the brokenness that makes a space for Jesus and His redeeming love.  That the healing of these broken places will come from Jesus and not from me.

Her foster family will always be our family too.  They have loved our daughter so fully.