Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust Is Without Borders

Bulgaria is beautiful.  The mountain through our window, the sound of the people talking, even the roof line … I love this place.

When we were on our way, a precious friend said, “Enjoy the country that gave you your daughter.”  And we are.  We are embracing it as best we can.  It’s hard to be a stranger in a strange land.  We are out of our element.

Everything is different.

The sounds, the smells, the food, the water, the customs, the checking out at the grocery store, the playgrounds, the atmosphere.  Even my mothering is different here.

It is my privilege to mother Sisi.  It’s an honor I don’t take lightly.  She is a treasure. We’ve crossed oceans for her and will do it again in less than a week to bring her home.


She is fearfully and wonderfully made.  She is a good gift.

But it is different.  I am just learning who she is. She is learning who I am.  I have to make sure she knows I am a safe person, that Daddy is a safe person.  I have to set boundaries that protect our relationship but also help her become who she is meant to be.  This is hard.

Sisi is going through the biggest change of her life.  She’s been taken from all she knows, all that is familiar, all that she loves.  She doesn’t know what’s coming next because we can’t tell her.

Oh adoption.  Beauty, redemption, joy but also pain, loss and grief.

Pray for us.  Pray for Sisi through her grief and through her adjustment.  Pray for Sisi’s foster family who miss her so much.  Pray for John and me to have wisdom as we parent her.  Pray that God will go before us as we get on that plane.  Sisi didn’t even want to go on a cable car, I don’t know what she will think about a plane!


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