The Avengers

Last night we went to Cinebistro to see “The Avengers” and have dinner.

I think most everyone knows that I’m not actually into watching movies, but I’d heard so many good things about this one and you can eat dinner while you watch it, so I thought I might enjoy it.

But because you know I’m not actually into watching movies…you might not be surprised to find out that my mind wandered while I was watching it.

Here is what I was thinking about.

I kept thinking about how much it must’ve cost to make this movie and how much money this movie made.  My mind just began to spin…imagine if movie making companies gave even 1% of their profits to widows and orphans in impoverished countries.  If movie making companies gave even 1% of their profits to depressed areas of the United States.  If movie making companies gave even 1% of their profits towards the efforts to stop human trafficking.

And I know, I know, I know…it’s a simplistic idea and it’s not going to happen.  But as I sat there, and enjoyed having dinner with my sweet husband and enjoyed this movie…and it was all just for fun…I realized we ourselves (movie making companies aside) had just spent enough money to support two widows at Good Samaritan.

Then I realized I didn’t know what was going on in the movie and I had to ask John to catch me up.  And for those who are wondering?  I really did like it and I thought it was really good and I don’t think it’s immoral for people to go to the movies and out to dinner and just to have fun.  I just wonder….are we all doing all we can to help the less fortunate?

Peter told us that it only costs $1500 to run the orphanage and widow home each month.  Only $1500.  It’s only $25 per month and $30 per month to sponsor an orphan or a widow.  There are 54 orphans and 19 widows and plenty waiting in the wings…Is there more that we can do?