Why Restoration?

Joel 2:25…a verse that has spoken hope and life into my aching and dry heart more than once. A verse I clung to in the wake of a difficult divorce and which was spoken over me by my now husband before we even met.

…I will restore to you the years that the locusts have stolen…

In my life, some hard things have come. Things that have left hardship and emptiness, things that have stolen my joy, my peace, my security. God has promised to give those things back to me.

And slowly but surely and sometimes quickly and abundantly, He is doing just that.

Restoration is a lifelong process, don’t you think? It begins with us as just little sinners with sinning little hearts, trying to find our way back to God. It begins again every time we are hurt or wounded or treated unjustly…and then we try to heal.

God is our great restorer and my journey to restoration has been beautiful, painful and glorious. He restores.

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